Get Ready for Summer!

Did you know the winter months are the perfect time to get started on your laser hair removal treatments? Here's why:

Less Exposure to the Sun: We use lasers that are designed to target the pigment, also known as melanin, in your hair follicles which is what disrupts hair growth. People with lighter skin tones typically see better results because they are lacking melanin in their hair follicles and skin. Sunkissed skin is not as responsive to treatment in fact; there is an increased burn risk. Laser hair removal in the winter months is ideal because sun exposure is less likely. Also, people with laser-treated skin need to avoid sun exposure 2-4 weeks after treatment

Hair Reduction Takes Time: Hair removal lasers target hair during the first stage of growth in the follicle which means several treatments are necessary to see a reduction in hair growth. For best results, we recommend 4-6 hair removal sessions to completed over the course of 6 months making January the best time to get started.

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